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Thank you for stopping by to see us! We  are Faithful Pet Care, your Experienced Pet Care Provider,  serving North San Diego County.  We are focused on making meeting your pet care needs, loving your furried and feathered friends and making your day-to-day and traveling life easier. We offer a variety of pet care services and look forward to working with you.

I’ve been in the business and a pet care professional for over 10 years . I have worked with agencies, owned my own business and provided pet care services for friends, family neighbors, coworkers and many more with great references! I am passionate about taking care of all animals and making sure they feel safe and loved – you can be assured that I will love your pet, furry friend, and little family member as if they were my own. I have also been medically trained in certain areas to ensure if there’s ever an emergency or your pet needs special care they are safe and in very good hands.

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